#TrendingNow – The Gila Trout Mission

The Gila Trout Mission – Salvage of Mount Graham Gila Trout after the Frye Fire Last week, Department biologists with help from the Mora National Fish Hatchery salvaged Gila Trout from two streams on Mount Graham following the 48,000-acre Frye… Continue Reading →

Update on salvaged native fish after the Wallow Fire

A Day in the Field – Update on salvaged native fish after the Wallow Fire In April of this year, Department biologists visited a private landowners stock tank to monitor a refuge population of native fish. Following the 2011 Wallow Fire… Continue Reading →

Native Species of the Month: Bluehead Sucker

Common Name: Bluehead Sucker Scientific Name: Catostomus discobolus discobolus Appearance: Depending on local water conditions, color of skin can vary from entirely silver, to tan or dark brown dorsally, with a white to yellowish white belly; larger fish tend to have… Continue Reading →

Roundtail Chub Survey at Haigler Creek

A Day in the Field – Roundtail Chub Survey at Haigler Creek Happy 4th of July! The Department’s Conservation and Mitigation Program (CAMP) recently surveyed lower Haigler Creek, a tributary to Tonto Creek, to monitor the population of Roundtail Chub. Survey… Continue Reading →

Bluehead Sucker and Little Colorado Spinedace Stocking

A Day in the Field – Native Fish Translocations to Kehl Canyon East Clear Creek below C.C. Cragin Reservoir contains a robust population of Bluehead Sucker (Catostomus discobolus), but a recent invasion by nonnative Green Sunfish (Lepomis cyanellus) exposes the… Continue Reading →

Cottonwood Springs Dace Monitoring

In 2016 Game & Fish Biologists stocked two native fish, Longfin and Speckled Dace into a fishless, 1 mile perennial section of Cottonwood Springs on the Prescott National Forest. Speckled Dace were stocked into the upstream portion of the spring… Continue Reading →

A Day in the Field – Roundtail Chub Survey at Gap Creek

Department staff conducted Roundtail Chub surveys in Gap Creek this spring. Gap Creek has been a chub establishment site since 2012. Biologists survey the creek 1-2 times each year to monitor the fish population and document movement and reproduction. During… Continue Reading →

Northern Leopard Frogs

In March 2016 the Department & USFWS collected 5 Northern Leopard Frog egg masses from Truxton Springs and translocated them to Meath Wash Pond. That was the first of 3 planned translocations over the next three years. In April 2017,… Continue Reading →

Back at the Ponds – Desert Pupfish Conservation at the Imperial National Wildlife Refuge

A part of the national refuge system managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Imperial National Wildlife Refuge (INWR) was established in 1941 as a refuge to protect backwaters and marshes for waterfowl along the lower Colorado River. Located… Continue Reading →