Bubbling Ponds Hatchery

Back at the Ponds- Chiricahua Leopard Frogs grow out at Bubbling Ponds

Since 2006 Bubbling Ponds Hatchery has been a grow out station for Chiricahua Leopard Frogs. The frogs are either brought to the hatchery as an egg mass or as early hatched tadpoles. The egg masses are generally collected from the… Continue Reading →

Waders in the Water- Assessing Post-Stocking Survival of Roundtail Chub in the Upper Verde River

Programs to recover rare or endangered native fishes commonly rely on hatcheries for supplemental stocking into areas with depleted populations. Roundtail Chub is one such fish that has experienced a decline in number and distribution in Arizona. As part of… Continue Reading →

Back at the Ponds- Growout Ponds for Native Species Conservation

Pond harvest season is under way at Bubbling Ponds Hatchery (BPH) by Arizona Game and Fish staff. Currently staff is rearing three year classes of Razorback Sucker as part of the Lower Colorado River Multi-Species Conservation Program. ┬áRazorback Suckers are… Continue Reading →

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