Native Fish Sampling in the Upper Blue River

Waders in the Water – Native Fish Sampling in the Upper Blue River During September 2017, the upper Blue River was monitored for Roundtail Chub. Chub from the Eagle Creek lineage were originally stocked into the upper Blue River in 2016, and… Continue Reading →

A Day in the Field – Roundtail Chub Survey at Gap Creek

Department staff conducted Roundtail Chub surveys in Gap Creek this spring. Gap Creek has been a chub establishment site since 2012. Biologists survey the creek 1-2 times each year to monitor the fish population and document movement and reproduction. During… Continue Reading →

Fish and Wildlife Service withdraws proposal to list two fish species in AZ and NM under the Endangered Species Act

Arizona Game and Fish Department NEWS RELEASE April 6, 2017 Arizona Game and Fish Department applauds federal decision to withdraw proposed listing of two fish species under Endangered Species Act Science provided by AZGFD to professional fisheries committee helped inform… Continue Reading →

A Day in the Field – Roundtail Chub Survey at Roundtree Canyon

The Department recently surveyed Roundtree Canyon to monitor the population of Roundtail Chub. The chub were originally stocked in 2008 to establish a new population within the species’ historic range. Three augmentations to the original stocking occurred between 2009 and… Continue Reading →

Featured Story- Desert Pupfish Stocking at International Wildlife Museum

On September 23, 2016, Arizona Game and Fish Department and International Wildlife Museum personnel returned approximately 365 Desert pupfish to the Museum’s native fish refuge pond in Tucson, AZ.  In a cooperative effort with the Arizona Game and Fish Department… Continue Reading →

Waders in the Water- Assessing Post-Stocking Survival of Roundtail Chub in the Upper Verde River

Programs to recover rare or endangered native fishes commonly rely on hatcheries for supplemental stocking into areas with depleted populations. Roundtail Chub is one such fish that has experienced a decline in number and distribution in Arizona. As part of… Continue Reading →

A Day in the Field- Meath Wash Pond

In 2012 Meath Wash Refugium Pond was created by Brown “Skip” Harris with the support of the Arizona Game & Fish Department. A permanent 1.5 – 2 acre pond with a maximum depth of 10 feet and average depth of… Continue Reading →

A Day in the Field- Cane Springs Refugium Pond

In 2010 the owners of Cane Springs Ranch and AZGFD turned their half acre bass pond into a native fish refugium pond. They removed some shoreline vegetation, drained and re-contoured the pond, lined the upper 2/3 of the pond with… Continue Reading →

A Day in the Field: Sampling at Larry Creek and Lousy Canyon

The Department and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) recently surveyed two remote creeks, Larry Creek and Lousy Canyon, in the Agua Fria River drainage on the Agua Fria National Monument. Gila Chub were introduced to these creeks in 1995, and Gila Topminnow… Continue Reading →

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