Speckled Dace

Native Species of the Month- Speckled Dace

Common Name: Speckled Dace Scientific Name: Rhinichthys osculus Appearance: Small minnow, rarely exceeding 7.6 cm (3.0 inches). Color varies from dusky yellow or olive with large black blotches to olive or grayish on back, fading to lighter underside; black spot… Continue Reading →

A Day in the Field- Cane Springs Refugium Pond

In 2010 the owners of Cane Springs Ranch and AZGFD turned their half acre bass pond into a native fish refugium pond. They removed some shoreline vegetation, drained and re-contoured the pond, lined the upper 2/3 of the pond with… Continue Reading →

A Day in the Field- Woundfin Recovery Site Sampling

In collaboration with Nevada Department of Wildlife and Utah Division of Natural Resources two long term monitoring sites in the Virgin River were surveyed this fall. The sites were survey by seining habitat suitable for Woundfin, and although no Woundfin… Continue Reading →

A Day in the Field- Stocking Speckled Dace in East Ash Creek

The Region III fisheries program collected 480 Speckled Dace from lower East Ash Creek and stocked them into upper East Ash Creek, which was previously fishless. This is the second stocking of three that will take place to try and… Continue Reading →

A Day in The Field- Grand Canyon Juvenile Fish Sampling

Arizona Game and Fish employees participated in USGS led efforts in the Grand Canyon to catch juvenile fish. Backwaters were sampling via seining and in one day over 3,000 fish were captured including over 100 juvenile Humpback Chub! The most… Continue Reading →

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