#TrendingNow – Native Gila Trout in Arizona’s Hatcheries

Sterling Springs Hatchery recently added a new species to their production – native Gila Trout. Sixty-five thousand Gila Trout eggs arrived at the hatchery in spring 2017 from Mora National Fish Hatchery in New Mexico.  Staff at Sterling Springs have carefully been… Continue Reading →

#TrendingNow – The Gila Trout Mission

The Gila Trout Mission – Salvage of Mount Graham Gila Trout after the Frye Fire Last week, Department biologists with help from the Mora National Fish Hatchery salvaged Gila Trout from two streams on Mount Graham following the 48,000-acre Frye… Continue Reading →

#TrendingNow – Floods favor native fishes

This winter was pretty wet in parts of Arizona, resulting in small floods in some streams. Some notable peak discharges were ~7,000 cubic feet per second (cfs) in Fossil Creek, 6,290 cfs in the Santa Maria River, 14,000 cfs in… Continue Reading →

#TrendingNow- Sonoran Tiger Salamander eDNA Study

The ponds, tanks and reservoirs of San Rafael Valley along the U.S. Mexican border are the only places where you can reliably find the federally endangered Sonoran Tiger Salamander. The Arizona Game and Fish Deparment’s Terrestrial Wildlife Branch and Conservation… Continue Reading →

#TrendingNow: Establishing and Discovering New Chub Populations

The Roundtail Chub (Gila robusta) is a cyprinid species native to the lower Colorado River basin and a focal species in the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s (Department) Conservation and Mitigation Program. Establishing new populations of chub is one approach to conservation, and the… Continue Reading →

#TrendingNow: Razorback Sucker Flannelmouth Sucker Hybridization

Prior to the construction of large dams, the endangered Razorback Sucker once made long spawning migrations through the Grand Canyon to the upper basin of the Colorado River. Historically, hybridization between Razorback Sucker and Flannelmouth Sucker rarely occurred because of… Continue Reading →

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