What do fisheries biologists do when they aren’t in the field?

Fishery and wildlife biologists listening to speakers during the Plenary Session at JAM 2017.



We spend a lot of time working at the computer: entering data and writing reports about the activities we have been doing all year. We also get to attend meetings and present our work to other scientists. Last week the Joint Annual Meeting of American Fisheries Society and The Wildlife Society for Arizona and New Mexico met in Farmington, NM. This meeting was a great time to get a fresh perspective on our projects as we have a lot of time to talk to other fishery and terrestrial biologists about our work, problems we may be having, and creative outside the box solutions.

Meetings are also a great time for students to interact with professionals, build their networks, look for jobs, or present their work.

In addition we like to have a little fun like the 5k Spawning Run and Student Quiz Bowl!

Student Quiz Bowl at 2017 JAM.