A Day in the Field – McGee Wash Sunfish Removal Project

Department staff surveyed McGee Wash (a tributary to Trout Creek) for the first time in September 2016 and found nonnative Green Sunfish abundant, native Desert Suckers common and Roundtail Chub present in low numbers. This is the 14th population of Roundtail Chub found in the Bill Williams River drainage.  In August 2017, the Department started a monthly mechanical removal effort in McGee Wash to reduce or eliminate Green Sunfish in hopes of increasing the Roundtail Chub population throughout the creek.  Hoopnets, minnow traps, angling and electrofishing were used to remove 4,815 Green Sunfish in the first two trips.

A Roundtail Chub captured in McGee Wash, a tributary to Trout Creek.