Update on salvaged native fish after the Wallow Fire

A Day in the Field – Update on salvaged native fish after the Wallow Fire In April of this year, Department┬ábiologists visited a private landowners stock tank to monitor a refuge population of native fish. Following the 2011 Wallow Fire… Continue Reading →

Native Species of the Month: Bluehead Sucker

Common Name: Bluehead Sucker Scientific Name: Catostomus discobolus discobolus Appearance:┬áDepending on local water conditions, color of skin can vary from entirely silver, to tan or dark brown dorsally, with a white to yellowish white belly; larger fish tend to have… Continue Reading →

Bluehead Sucker and Little Colorado Spinedace Stocking

A Day in the Field – Native Fish Translocations to Kehl Canyon East Clear Creek below C.C. Cragin Reservoir contains a robust population of Bluehead Sucker (Catostomus discobolus), but a recent invasion by nonnative Green Sunfish (Lepomis cyanellus) exposes the… Continue Reading →

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