Waders in the Water – Summer Internships Come to a Close

As our internship season comes to a close at the Arizona Game and Fish Department, we would like to recognize our Native Aquatic Program interns for their outstanding performance on several native fish recovery projects this summer. Each week, the interns found themselves in the field assisting Department biologists on a variety of projects, including (but not limited to) native fish introductions and monitoring, post-wildfire native fish salvages, snorkel and electrofishing surveys to detect nonnative fish, and stream habitat assessments to determine suitability for native fish introductions. In addition to gaining knowledge and experience in native fish conservation, the interns also learned other valuable field skills during their internship, such as rappelling and fixing a flat UTV tire in a remote location (twice!). If an internship with the Native Aquatic Program sounds exciting to you, keep an eye out for our Summer 2018 internships. Our internship opportunities are typically posted on the AZ State Jobs website in mid-January!

Intern rappelling into a remote canyon to assess post-fire effects following monsoon rains.


Interns hiked several miles to stock a new population of Gila Topminnow in the Superstition Wilderness. Each insulated 5-gallon bucket contained water and about 100 Gila Topminnow.


Interns seined for Gila Topminnow in Sabino Canyon.