Waders in the Water – Native Fish Sampling in the Upper Blue River

During September 2017, the upper Blue River was monitored for Roundtail Chub. Chub from the Eagle Creek lineage were originally stocked into the upper Blue River in 2016, and annual monitoring is conducted to evaluate post-stocking success and if the population becomes established. To capture Roundtail Chub, 18 large hoop-nets were set overnight. A total of 57 Roundtail Chub, 78 Sonora Sucker, 15 Desert Sucker, 50 Longfin Dace, 18 Speckled Dace, 1 Narrow-headed Gartersnake, and 106 Northern Crayfish were captured. In addition to monitoring for Roundtail Chub, Department staff also translocated 448 Spikedace from the lower Blue River to the upper Blue River in order to further expand the range of Spikedace. During the stocking, we collected eDNA samples to gather more information on this developing technology that can be used to detect the presence of native fish species in the Blue River and other streams in the state. Roundtail Chub and Spikedace will continue to be monitored in 2018.

Collecting eDNA samples in the upper Blue River.


Spikedace, an Endangered Species, were stocked into the upper Blue River to expand their range in the system.