Project Description: The Chiricahua Leopard Frog was federally listed as threatened in 2002. One action critical to the delisting and recovery of this species is to provide sufficient habitat for metapopulations throughout their historic range. In 2013 Arizona Game and Fish and US Coronado Forest Service worked cooperatively to determine one such site for reestablishment, Camp Rucker. Camp Rucker, a former US Army post now turned US Forest Service site, is on the Western Side of the Chiricahua Mountains in Southeastern Arizona. The site had reliable water through a historic pump system but it was lacking appropriate habitat for frogs. In 2015 a plan was designed to create four ponds with a shallow benches;  thus creating suitable habitat for a population of Chiricahua Leopard Frogs,  in addition to providing water for birds and bats.

This site will be the first repatriated site on the western side of the Chiricahua Mountains.





Highlighted Projects: Camp Rucker Ponds and Wetland Development Begins

In June 2016 Arizona Game and Fish, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Coronado Forest Service, Sky Island Alliance, Natural Channel & Design, and Borderlands Restoration employees, interns, and volunteers arrived onsite to create the ponds. The first step was to salvage… Continue Reading →

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